Ferries, Taxis and Fried Rice

I can’t believe I’ve been in Hong Kong for a week already! I’m so happy to have survived a week of settling in, working and coping with jet lag and today I feel a lot more like myself after my first proper night’s sleep and a lie in!

The first two days were a hazy blur of finding our way around and absorbing lots of information. By day 2 the effects of jet lag were in full swing, but refusing to give in and hide in my room we took a ferry ride over to the island of Cheung Chau. It was a huge contrast to the constant hustle and bustle of mainland Hong Kong; seafood restaurants line the front where you can sit and look out onto the rows of colourful boats docked in the harbour, and bikes are the main mode of transport. We stopped for lunch at one of these restaurants – not being a fan of seafood I was a bit limited for choice but the rice tasted really good (though I don’t think the kitchen would have passed UK food hygiene standards!) Conversation was constantly interrupted by the noise of trailers being towed right past our table, but it all added to the local dining experience! image

A post lunch walk and paddle in the sea finished off our visit, and sitting outside on the journey home meant we were able to watch the amazing skyline as we sailed back into Hong Kong island 😊

Then it was time to prepare for the first working week; I was ‘fortunate’ to be provided with a taxi for my daily commute, though I can’t say it was a particularly relaxing experience! Without my seatbelt on I would have spent the journey sliding across the back seat, and maintaining a safe distance behind the vehicle in front is definitely not a priority! But it did mean I didn’t get lost on my way to work, and I felt like a celebrity arriving back at the hotel, having the taxi door and hotel door opened for me (that’s where the similarity ends!).

So all in all an exhausting but enjoyable first week; the rain is easing off (when it rains it really rains), so it’s time to make the most of my two days off and do some more exploring…


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