Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I thought it rained a lot in Wales. I thought coming to Asia would mean sun and blue sky. I brought sun cream, shorts, a maxi dress and even bought a new bikini. So far I’ve had very little use out of any of these things! The sun seemed to be making an appearance this morning so after packing (today I move hotels) I thought I’d make the most of my final few hours here and venture up to the roof for a spot of sunbathing. Next thing I know it’s pouring down with rain, so instead I’m back in bed! The good thing is that rain showers tend to be short-lived, so a trip to Hong Kong island is on the cards for this afternoon.

It’s been another busy week of work and this week I was working up in the sky on floor 15 of a high rise building. One glance out of the window was enough to make me dizzy so I was grateful that the blinds were kept shut!image

On Friday I went on an impromptu trip to Temple Street night market; a long street lined with stalls selling things that are very sparkly and very fake! Everything from children’s toys, clothes, ‘designer’ handbags, and chopsticks. Bartering is expected, though you have to be quite ruthless, walking away if they refuse your offer – nine times out of ten the seller will call after you and agree to the price! I was probably too much of a pushover and should have driven a harder bargain; I will definitely be going again to practise my haggling skills! My favourite purchase was a glow in the dark ‘Cath Kidston’ phone cover – classy!

Today I say goodbye to Tsim Sha Tsui and move to Sha Tin. As much as I’ve enjoyed being here I’m looking forward to being out in the country, away from the noise and busy streets of Kowloon. The one thing I will miss is the view of Hong Kong island; at night it’s stunning and I can’t imagine ever getting fed up of looking at it šŸ˜Šimage


2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away…

    • livingsolo says:

      Thanks! It’s my favourite so far. I enjoyed looking through your posts, I will definitely be doing your top 5 things to do in HK, though the weather hasn’t been good enough for the Peak yet!


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